Meet the Author

[Image Description: Featured image is a vertical picture of Zach in a green jacket with dark blue jeans and hiking shoes leaned against a tree in a wooded area in autumn. The tree is sparsely covered in brown leaves and the ground is littered with leaves as well. There is a fog in the background] … Continue reading Meet the Author


Balance and Recovery

Shout outs this week to new patrons: Ken Harry, Mike James, Sarah Clarke, and Thomas Mazzolla. Thank you for your commitment in helping me to reach my goals and succeed in my recovery, education, and career. If you're reading this and you'd like to help support this blog and its' author, the best way you … Continue reading Balance and Recovery

The Power of Medical Transition

A year ago today, I was waking up from the surgery that changed my life, and was one of the single most important moments in my recovery. A year ago today, I finally began to feel at home in my body, as I shed one of the last visible signifiers of my assigned gender at … Continue reading The Power of Medical Transition

The Power of Humor

One of the things that we can lose when hit hard by mental health issues is our ability to laugh, to find humor in the world around us, and even ourselves. Humor is a powerful coping tool. And when we lose our ability to utilize that coping tool, life can become that much harder. For … Continue reading The Power of Humor

Transition, Loss, and Recovery

The decision to transition rather than staying in the closet carries both joy and pain. While relieving burdens, and bringing joy and lightness into our lives, we are also faced with the loss of relationships, discrimination in the workplace, businesses, and other areas of our lives, and microaggressions from those who don't understand, and perhaps … Continue reading Transition, Loss, and Recovery

The Decision to Become a Therapist

CN: mentions of suicidal ideation, self-injurious ideation, abuse, trauma When I first went back to therapy in spring of 2015, one of the things I had to do was gather resources from other mental health professionals that I had seen. As I was going through old files, I found the results from a 20 questions … Continue reading The Decision to Become a Therapist

Wise Mind

[Featured image description: Picturesque view of a mountainside near Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is in the summer and there is snow on the top of the mountainside. Tall evergreens stand in the foreground, and a cloudy blue sky stands overhead] Wise mind is a concept found in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In the … Continue reading Wise Mind

Psychological Well-Being and Physical Health

[Image description: Featured image is a picture of scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, topped with green onions, with 8 orange slices on the side. It is on a white plate with a border of alternating green, blue, brown, and gray triangles and rectangles.] Struggling with mental health can sometimes make it all the more … Continue reading Psychological Well-Being and Physical Health