Meet the Author

[Image Description: Featured image is a vertical picture of Zach in a green jacket with dark blue jeans and hiking shoes leaned against a tree in a wooded area in autumn. The tree is sparsely covered in brown leaves and the ground is littered with leaves as well. There is a fog in the background] … Continue reading Meet the Author


Wise Mind

[Featured image description: Picturesque view of a mountainside near Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is in the summer and there is snow on the top of the mountainside. Tall evergreens stand in the foreground, and a cloudy blue sky stands overhead] Wise mind is a concept found in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In the … Continue reading Wise Mind

Psychological Well-Being and Physical Health

[Image description: Featured image is a picture of scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, topped with green onions, with 8 orange slices on the side. It is on a white plate with a border of alternating green, blue, brown, and gray triangles and rectangles.] Struggling with mental health can sometimes make it all the more … Continue reading Psychological Well-Being and Physical Health