The Author

Zachary Reinstatler is a nontraditional student at the University of Cincinnati working on his bachelor’s degrees in psychology and substance abuse counseling with a 5-year background in English Literature. His long term plans include a master’s in mental health counseling and possible doctorate. He intends to work as a therapist with a focus in providing therapy to LGBTQ+ individuals and a particular focus on transgender clients.

As a transgender man, himself, Zach knows what it is like to navigate a healthcare system that is often inaccessible and incompetent regarding transgender health concerns. It was on his own journey to recovery that he discovered a passion for mental health and wellness.

Zach returned to his studies as a student of psychology at the University of Cincinnati in 2017 after a year-long break following 5 years of study in English Literature. Unfortunately, with the compounded difficulties of navigating both mental and physical health issues, he struggled intensely these first years of his education. Thankfully since then, he has taken time for recovery, received adequate medical support, and has re-enrolled as a non-traditional student. Through his personal experiences, Zach continues to be deeply personally motivated to study psychology. He continues to thrive in his courses and has maintained his status on the Dean’s List since returning to school. 

In the fall of 2017, when he first returned to school, Zach began to take substance abuse counseling courses and quickly discovered an interest and passion in helping those with substance use disorders, especially transgender individuals who often find themselves with little to nowhere to turn. This prompted him to make the decision to add substance abuse counseling as a second major.

Zach is committed to self-improvement, accountability, and becoming a better ally to marginalized populations. He believes it is these traits that will allow him to be a competent, empathetic, and compassionate clinician. He aims to practice empathy, understanding, and compassion in launching “Tales from the Bathtub”.