The Project

Tales from the Bathtub is a project that focuses on talking about mental health, wellness, and recovery issues and giving voice to those who are often ignored in the conversation around mental health. This includes conversations around access to competent health care for underrepresented groups such as transgender individuals, people with disabilities, people of color, and folks from different socioeconomic statuses. This project is dedicated to bringing those important perspectives to light, especially those with experience of living with a heavily stigmatized mental health concern or issue such as a personality disorder, psychosis, or a substance use disorder, and the psychological component of living with a chronic or terminal illness.

The project aims to give voice, empathy, and understanding to the stories of those who are often left out of the conversation on mental health and psychological well-being. Those stories will be shared via podcasts, blog posts, and sometimes videos. The project will also focus on sharing practical coping skills that anybody can use to cope with psychological distress.

Join Tales from the Bathtub as we learn to navigate recovery & wellness together.

It must be noted that the author is not a mental health professional and cannot provide therapy or counseling services in any way, shape, or form.  Although this is a mental health and recovery centered project, it is not a replacement for professional help. This project does not purport to take the place of professional psychotherapy or counseling services. If you are experiencing psychological difficulties, please contact an appropriate professional in your area. If you are experiencing suicidal ideation or thoughts of harm to self or others, please contact the appropriate emergency services. The author will not respond to messages or comments of this nature and they will be deleted at his discretion. If you are in crisis, please reference this page